Life in the Outworlds

That's not my sculpture!

Saturday, October 14 5606
Coming from Dr. Aswar’s office, Gabe and Ursula come upon a man coming out of the library, carrying a painting wrapped for shipping. Siobhan and Vladintina are there. Vladintina is fussing at the man, telling him to be careful with that painting, that Lawrence spent a lot of time on it. Then she sees a area of the painting that is not covered. Vladintina yells, “Stop! You haf not wrapped thees properly!” She walks up to the man, who stopped, and shows him the unwrapped spot. He looks, shrugs and says, “What, they’re just kids stuff.” Siobhan steps forward and tells the man that “just kids stuff” isn’t usually shown in art galleries. Meanwhile, Ursula calls the art gallery owner to let him know about the movers. Gabe decides to run the man through the criminal database. Vladintina is berating the man about his lack of care and consideration of the artworks that he is moving. Siofra comes out of the study across the hall to find out what is going on. She almost runs into a 2nd man coming out of the library with a wrapped sculpture. He stops when he sees his partner standing in the middle of the gallery surrounded by people. Gabe notices that the first man is looking very nervous. Then he gets a return on his query. The first man is wanted for agravated burglery, agravated robbery, and assault & battery! Gabe texts for Collum and Cullen to come ASAP! Gabe then runs the 2nd man. Molly then comes out of the library, looks at the wrapped sculpture, and says, “Hey! That’s not my sculpture!” Everybody looks at everybody else, then Gabe tells the first man to step away from the painting. Siofra, Ursula and Siobhan take the children into the inner sanctum. Collum and Cullen arrive, drawing their weapons. Gabe takes a closer look at the painting. He sees that it’s not one, but two paintings! He unwraps the paintings and finds that one of the valuable pieces belonging to Siofra’s family is with one of Lawrence’s. Gabe tells C & C to search and cuff the two thieves. Gabe goes over to look at the sculpture. Bradley then frogmarches another man into the gallery. “This one is the driver,” he says. Bradley has him sit down and lace his hands over his head. Gabe finds out that the sculpture is not Molly’s, but one of Siofra’s. Gabe calls Brenndon, who has an apprehension team deploy. “ETA 5 minutes,” Brenndon tells Gabe. Bradley says that he thinks the driver is innocent. Gabe looks at the driver, who is

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